[Case Study] L’Auberge de Sedona Optimizes Resort Profits

By allowing L’Auberge de Sedona to spend 75% less time on data acquisition, revintel gave them more time to dedicate to resort pricing management analysis and profit optimization.

L'Aubege de Sedona Profile

  • Established – 1984
  • Property Location –Sedona, Arizona
  • Rooms – 88: 62 luxury cottages, 5 bedroom creekhouse and 21 lodge-style-guestrooms
  • Amenities – Two dining venues, bar, spa, pool, fitness center, concierge, meeting/event space
  • Rainmaker Product – revintel

LAuberge De Sedona Creekside resort seating

revintel is a daily requirement for me in this business.” – Greg Hanss, Managing Director


For L’Auberge, the key to effective revenue management was to keep it simple. The property needed a tool that would cover the fundamentals: expected share by room type, actual share, and pricing differential, collecting the most relevant data in a streamlined, easy-to-analyze system. When Managing Director Greg Hanss joined the property as part of its new management group in 2013, he spent six months assessing the hotel’s current revenue management tools and found them lacking. Information was too difficult to extract and use effectively.

An award-winning retreat nestled on the banks of Oak Creek in Sedona’s renowned Red Rock region, L’Auberge de Sedona sought a more effective analytical tool to help its revenue team accurately assess whether revenue practices were in sync with the customer and if pricing was consistent and precise. After trying several other tools with only limited success, the hotel integrated with revintel – a move that has saved staff countless hours mining data and has streamlined strategic planning and revenue meetings.

“In the revenue management process, if you don’t have a good business intelligence tool, 75 percent of your effort is geared to acquiring versus analyzing data,” said Mr. Hanss. “With an effective tool, you can allocate that 75 percent instead to analysis and strategy, which ultimately alleviates data fatigue.”

Quick Integration and On-The-Fly Analytics

In his search for an alternative, Hanss first considered a customized solution but quickly determined it was too expensive and time-intensive to implement. He turned to the RM-for-hire model, selecting revintel (then known as SolidusIQ).

The integration was seamless and collaborative, and has since been on full autopilot.

“The team was very engaged and helpful, immediately working with us to develop dashboard and analytic tools that weren’t even part of the package, but are now L’Auberge de Sedona’s bread and butter,” said Hanss.

The ability to make quick adjustments was also an important outcome of switching to revintel. Adjustments are now made on a daily basis. As a result, revenue managers no longer have to invest valuable time assembling data and then presenting it in regular weekly meetings that consumed additional hours. Instead, they can call quick, on-the-fly revenue meetings as needed.

room in L'Auberge De Sedona resort

Competitive Pricing Structure and Essential Analytics Equate to Expected ROI

Hanss reports that when evaluating revintel against its competitive set, the former’s pricing structure was another selling point. “It was just a monthly fee, and an extremely affordable one,” said Hanss. “Once we plugged revintel in, we took off and were good to go.”

revintel provides the property with a streamlined view of only relevant information customized to their business model, and provides a quick snapshot of past, present and future data points.

“It’s incredibly important to have these tools, especially if you’re removed from the hotel,” said Hanss. “When I’m off-site, I can log in and see in 15 minutes what’s going on in the hotel now, as well as the outlook for the next 90 days.”