What to Look for in Service and Support from Your RMS Provider

Author: Avanti Joglekar

In the always-on hospitality industry, there is no time for disruptions in your technology services. And there is definitely no one-sized-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution when it comes to an effective revenue management strategy. You need a reliable, responsive and experienced partner that can give you the power to concentrate on the profitability of your business rather than how to implement, maintain or upgrade RMS technology. Here, we discuss what to look for in service and support from your RMS provider, from training and tailoring the RMS to post go-live support.

Implementing and Tailoring the RMS to Your Hotel's Needs

Decision makers should have clear expectations around customer support and problem resolution as well as the training that may be needed to get front desk employees and other staff up to speed on the new system. Almost three-quarters (73%) of hotel operators agree that user training ranks as a key success factor in ensuring that a revenue management solution is utilized as effectively as possible. An RMS provider should offer more than webinars to train staff in how to use their system. For example, an RMS provider who can offer an on-site, in-person meeting with the key people to ensure they understand the system and follow it up with daily/weekly/monthly charts on what you need to do in the system and how to do it.

It all starts with understanding your hotel’s unique needs and goals, including interviews with every team member who would be using the solution. This is especially important because the RMS is a platform that can be modified for your property’s business. Each hotel has its own product line, markets, unique ownership style, etc. so understanding the area and the product offerings allows the RMS to be adjusted to optimally forecast and price for your specific needs. For example, if your price is more heavily weighed by your competitors, or if you had occurrences with weather patterns in previous years that need to be overridden, that’s where the RMS provider comes in to articulate the deeper meanings of your system.


Follow-Ups: Post Go-Live Support

Once your system is live, schedule weekly calls to keep the system optimized for your operations. While some RMS providers will leave it to the customer to be proactive and reach out regarding project status, Rainmaker will make sure to keep you up to date with the most accurate updates from the previous week. And anytime your staff calls the solution provider, they immediately talk to a real person with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of your specific technology set-up.

Another important role provided by Service and Support is serving as the intermediary between the Property Management System (PMS) vendor and the property. While the PMS vendor is not normally part of the weekly call between the RMS provider and the property, the diligent Service and Support staff will serve as the communication link between the parties.

Important questions to ask when evaluating a revenue management system’s support and service include:

  • Does the solution provider offer adequate remote and on-site training?
  • Do the team members in charge of support and training have revenue management experience of their own from previous jobs at hospitality companies?
  • Does the provider offer post implementation support and customer success hand-offs?
  • Is regional and time-appropriate service and support a possibility?

For an RMS provider whose service and support addresses all these important questions, and more, request a demo of Rainmaker’s solutions.

For more things you must evaluate before you invest in your next revenue management system, including science vs. rules, building a revenue management culture, total guest valuation, and PMS integration, download the guide:

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