The Rainmaker Disaster Checklist: Are You Prepared?

Author: Avanti Joglekar

Once you have answered pressing questions concerning what to do in the event of a disaster, the next step is to ensure you've whittled down the list of to-do items for your property. We've developed a disaster checklist that addresses what to do when a disaster is forecasted, and the key items to accomplish whether your property is open or closed after disaster strikes from a revenue management stand point.  

Each emergency situation may be unique, but the things you can plan for regarding your revenue management are worth considering before disaster strikes. Use the below checklist to guide your disaster plan.

checklist for blog.png

Looking for more information on Disaster Recovery and Readiness, read our recently released article: “Disaster Recovery and Readiness: Considerations for Your Hotel Revenue Management.” 

Want a copy of the checklist for your own planning and preparedness purposes? 



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