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Fuel Gaming Hotel Profits with Multiple Revenue Streams

Gone are the days when a casino is just a casino. Competition has increased as new markets and “new players” enter the gaming sector, all competing for a larger share of wallet from customers. And... Read More

Topics: Trends, Technology, Casino

Kristi White |

Hotel Budget Season: Looking at Costs the Wrong Way (Part 1 of 4)

Hotel budget season is upon us. And while the process may vary somewhat from hotel to hotel, it ultimately comes down to the same goal: what you can do differently next year to better optimize... Read More

Topics: All Topics, Technology

Dan Skodol |

Are You Forecasting Transient Business Without Forecasting Group?

Forecasting plays a key role in any hotel revenue management (RM) strategy, helping hoteliers make important pricing decisions that significantly impact profitability. It’s a sophisticated process... Read More

Topics: All Topics, Technology

Kristi White |

Group Business, Lead Scoring and Data: The More You Know the Better

Sarah Sales Manager sits down at her desk one morning, opens her email inbox and grins. A juicy request for proposal (RFP) is waiting for her. It’s for a five-day conference that’s going to fill up... Read More

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Avanti Joglekar |

Thinking In Terms of "Total Revenue Management": The 2018 Smart Decision Guide

Over the last 10 years, revenue management has gone from being an undertaking with uncertain financial upside potential to a strategic imperative with highly predictable revenue outcomes. At the same... Read More

Topics: All Topics, eBooks, Technology

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Next-generation Revenue Management & Intelligent Pricing: The 2018 Smart Decision Guide

For hoteliers, the challenge of revenue management (RM) is particularly complex. Luckily, as traditional approaches to RM evolves, so does the technology at the disposal of revenue managers. Adopted... Read More

Topics: All Topics, Pricing, Technology, eBooks

Avanti Joglekar |

Data Integrations for Revenue Managers: Expert Advice

Data integration is a crucial step in any revenue management process. Unfortunately, bringing data from disparate sources and combining them in a unified way to produce meaningful insights is not an... Read More

Topics: All Topics, hospitality, Technology

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