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Fact vs Fiction - buying considerations for your revenue management solutions

The idea of a revenue manager gazing into the dashboard equivalent of a crystal ball and basking in accurate demand forecasts for every night of the year across every guest room type and every guest... Read More

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Revenue management today - Are you still stuck in the past?

Ask any hotel revenue manager of a certain age what it was like for them to do their jobs before the advent of next-generation revenue management systems. Few, if any, will wax nostalgic about “the... Read More

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Budgeting for Profit – 5 ways your revenue tech stack can simplify budget planning

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive, ever changing market.  Consumers have more options today than ever before when choosing a property for business or leisure travel.  With so much at... Read More

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Move Beyond MAR for Group Business

Group business fills an important role in many hotels, helping to increase revenues during shoulder seasons and economic downturns, and creating compression that allows hotels to fill rooms with... Read More

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The Importance of Group Forecasting

In general, hotels have two primary types of business: transient and group. While the vast majority of hoteliers have some form of a revenue management (RM) strategy in place to profitably manage... Read More

Topics: Pricing, Product, grouprev, forecasting

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Forecast Accuracy is Crucial for Your Hotel’s Business Success

Just like the engine is to a car – powering it and getting you where you need to be – your revenue management forecast powers your entire system and its outputs. Forecast accuracy translates into... Read More

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Revenue Optimization Tip #1: Ensure You're Working Off of an Accurate Forecast

In its simplest form, a revenue manager’s job is to develop a pricing strategy for a hotel that will boost revenue. A critical first step in creating a revenue management strategy is to forecast... Read More

Topics: Pricing, Product

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