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Stay a Step Ahead: 5 Hospitality Trends to Watch in 2019

The holiday rush is past, and your 2019 goals are set. But now is not the time to simply sit back and relax. Considering the challenges and disruptions the hospitality industry has experienced over... Read More

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2019 Revenue Management Resolutions: 3 Tactics to Effectively Share Your Revenue Strategy and Gain Buy-In

In a recent webinar hosted by ZS Associates and Rainmaker, experts delved into the topic of how to communicate your revenue strategy and in doing so, get their buy-in. As you think about effectively... Read More

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The 3 Key Components of Your Dynamic Pricing Optimization Strategy

In the past decade, pricing in the hospitality industry has come a long way. Thanks to advances in technology and methodology, hotel pricing has never been more efficient or profitable. With the rise... Read More

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Understanding Customer Acquisition Cost to Determine Value & Profit

Hotel revenue managers are experts at determining how much revenue a particular guest will generate. With their RMS, they use predictive analytics to perform a thorough guest valuation analysis that... Read More

Topics: All Topics, hospitality, Pricing, Personalization

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Ancillary Revenue and Personalization: 2018 Revenue Management Best Practices, Part II

New trends emerge every year in hospitality revenue management (RM). By keeping track of what consumers and industry insiders are talking about, we’ve determined the top five trends in RM. In part... Read More

Topics: All Topics, hospitality, Trends, Personalization

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The Bookings Rush: Trust Your Systems, A Personal Experience From Tammy Farley

As the Super Bowl approaches, I can’t help but recall an experience I had this holiday season with the same type of hotel-booking-frenzy the properties in Minneapolis must be facing. Having worked in... Read More

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Loyalty-Based Pricing & Advances in Group: 2018 Revenue Management Best Practices, Part I

As technology constantly evolves, so does revenue management (RM). Dan Skodol, VP of Revenue Analytics at Rainmaker, recently gave a presentation on the “Top Five Trends in Revenue Management and... Read More

Topics: All Topics, hospitality, Trends, Personalization

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