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Renaud Menard |

How to Use Advanced Customer Valuation to Become Dangerous

A player’s value can be boiled down to two functions. First is marginalization, i.e. the relationship between spending patterns and profit. How much revenue can I expect given a player’s spending... Read More

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Dan Skodol |

Three Thoughts on the Emergence of Airbnb as an OTA

As new lodging options emerge, specifically alternative accommodations such as Airbnb, the hospitality industry must evolve to the changing landscape. We’ve kept track of what consumers and industry... Read More

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John Wallace |

The Case for Enhanced Loyalty: What Traditional Hotels Can Learn from Casinos

For many properties, capturing total guest value (TGV) has many hurdles. Property Management Systems that don’t capture adequate data, disparate reporting systems and a simple lack of customer data... Read More

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Avanti Joglekar |

Thinking In Terms of "Total Revenue Management": The 2018 Smart Decision Guide

Over the last 10 years, revenue management has gone from being an undertaking with uncertain financial upside potential to a strategic imperative with highly predictable revenue outcomes. At the same... Read More

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Avanti Joglekar |

The Triangle Effect: Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Revenue Management to Identify Total Guest Value

As customer acquisition costs rise and competition continues to grow, it’s harder than ever for hotels to attract and retain their most valuable guests. With such incredible levels of effort and... Read More

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Avanti Joglekar |

Next-generation Revenue Management & Intelligent Pricing: The 2018 Smart Decision Guide

For hoteliers, the challenge of revenue management (RM) is particularly complex. Luckily, as traditional approaches to RM evolves, so does the technology at the disposal of revenue managers. Adopted... Read More

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Angie Dobney |

Why to Choose a Science-Based System Over A Rules-Based System

We have all been there: you, sitting at the table with the rest of your Executive team, going through a demonstration and sales pitch of a revenue management system.  Yes, they all have pretty... Read More

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