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BI and All-Inclusives: An Interview with Rainmaker CEO Mike Cowles

The all-inclusive hotel model is on the rise and evolving. For decades, the segment provided travelers with convenience and value, combining meals, beverages, entertainment, and accommodations into a... Read More

Topics: Technology, Trends

Celeste Loh |

Using a BI Tool to Build a Collaborative Revenue Strategy Culture

Revenue strategy requires a collaborative approach, with every stakeholder understanding how their decisions impact other departments and your bottom line. The powerful visualizations and customized... Read More

Topics: Technology, Product

Sandy Rath |

Optimize Your Weekly Revenue Strategy Meeting

As revenue managers, we eat sleep and breathe reports, channels, daily rates, pace, etc – but are we articulating the importance of these items to other teams within our organization? Having a... Read More

Topics: Trends

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OTA Negotiations, Direct Bookings, and Your Distribution Strategy

Hotels are often frustrated by the increasing fees charged for bookings by OTAs, and they try to encourage more direct bookings in order to circumvent the OTA system completely. The fact is, however,... Read More

Topics: Pricing

Dan Skodol |

In Revenue Management, You Can Have Good Timing AND Good Forecasting

I recently read a piece about an international resort company that introduced a Revenue Management System (RMS) within the last five years.  Like many resort properties around the world, their hotels... Read More

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Rising Guest Acquisition Costs & the Value of Direct Booking

Guest acquisition costs are rising, and the consequences for hotels seem obvious. Increased costs lead to decreased profitability, and a hit on asset value. To truly improve your hotel profitability,... Read More

Topics: Technology, Trends

Len Wasserman |

Health Check: Systems & Strategies

It’s important to go to the doctor each year for a health check, we all do it, but… are we checking up on our revenue optimization systems and strategies the same way we check on our health and... Read More

Topics: Technology

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