OPTIMIZE2016: The Complete Guide to The Hospitality and Gaming Experience

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Opening day of OPTIMIZE2016 began on Wednesday, as hospitality and gaming professionals from all over the country descended upon the Trump National Doral in Miami. The politically themed user conference brought both sides of the Rainmaker house together to address revenue optimization advancements and trends for the multifamily, hospitality/gaming industries.

Opening Reception: Havana Nights Party

The Wednesday evening opening reception brought out the best of Miami culture with a Havana Nights Party. The logo reveal, cigar rollers, food and dancers brought life to a wonderful evening of networking and catching up with colleagues.

two people eating food at OPTIMIZE2016


The Candidates Collide: Opening Debate

Rainmaker president Tammy Farley and Rainmaker CEO Bruce Barfield kicked off the second morning of OPTIMIZE2016 with a mock “debate” at the general session, setting the tone for the conference. Farley named Wounded Warriors of South Florida as the charity of choice for OPTIMIZE2016.

photo from the OPTIMIZE debate


Keynote Speaker: Michael Tchong

As the keynote speaker, Michael Tchong reminded attendees of the importance of maintaining an open mind and how this approach has been the fuel for the innovation that provides the comforts we now enjoy in our daily lives.


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Keynote Panel: The Outlook for 2016

The keynote panel included Isaac Collazo, Vice-President of Performance Strategy and Planning at the InterContinental Hotel Group; Timothy Bright, Senior Vice-President of Clarion Partners, LLC; and Julie Brawn-Whitesides, Executive Vice-President of Property Management at ConAm Group. The panel discussed Airbnb, millennials and the current economic cycle before the multi-industry audience.  


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Hospitality and Gaming Sessions: Day 1

Hospitality/gaming attendees enjoyed a day of sessions discussing Airbnb, revenue management, leveraging competitive intelligence, guestrev advantages and new grouprev functionalities. “No Revenue Manager Left Behind,” a professional development based conference track new to OPTIMIZE2016 was a big hit for attendees. The crowd favorite was an interactive session on presentation skills from Kenneth Roberts of The Difference Consulting.


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Dinner and Reception: South Beach Party

The Thursday night South Beach Party was visually captivating. The Rainmakers and OPTMIZE2016 attendees enjoyed a lively band, a DJ, an interactive art wall/person, neon jugglers and more.





General Session: Decision 2016

The second day of OPTIMIZE2016 started with a general session moderated by Gary Sinderbrand, Founder, Betterpath, Inc. and featured two prominent business leaders who support opposing sides of the American political spectrum.

  • Mitchell Berger co-founded Berger Singerman, a commercial law firm that serves Fortune 500 businesses in 1985 and now serves as co-chairman. As a known democratic party contributor and corporate attorney, Berger’s perspective provides an interesting take on the political outlook for 2016. Additionally, Mitchell represented Vice President Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman in the post-2000 election Florida lawsuits in Bush v. Gore.
  • Sig Rigoch is the president of The Rigoch Communications Group, a marketing, communications, political campaign, media relations and business development firm. Sig Rigoch’s work impacted the success of some of the most iconic Republican politicians, including “Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain,” - LasVegasPR.com. Sig has also served as the National Finance Chair for The Republican Governor's Association.

Both spoke about the realities of today’s politics and what they mean to the multifamily, hospitality/gaming industries.

Hospitality and Gaming Sessions: Day 2

The morning’s sessions included Revenue Optimization Best Practices with Eric Browning, Embedding Business Strategies in GuestREV with Matt Saeger and A Day in the Life of Guest Rev with Lydia Patterson and Kristi White.

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Closing General Session

OPTIMIZE2016 finished mid-day with a highlight reel of the conference events and sessions, and closed out with an interactive announcement for the OPTIMIZE2017 location.

 Will you join us March 8 -10, 2017 for OPTIMIZE2017 at the Terranea Resort in California?

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