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Right Product, Right Customer, Right Price, Right Channel, Right Time: Revenue Management Decision Making

Now that we’re a couple weeks into 2019, are the revenue management plans you have in place going to maximize your profits this year? Are you taking all the factors affecting your pricing strategy... Read More
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2019 Revenue Management Resolutions: 3 Tactics to Effectively Share Your Revenue Strategy and Gain Buy-In

In a recent webinar hosted by ZS Associates and Rainmaker, experts delved into the topic of how to communicate your revenue strategy and in doing so, get their buy-in. As you think about effectively... Read More

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Revenue Management Resolutions: Starting 2019 Off Right - Data, Channel and Room Type Management

Budgets are complete, approved, and put to bed. Starting 2019 off right can set your full year up to success. Can you track your business on a granular level? Are you getting what you need from the... Read More

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Winning More Group Business: How Sales and Revenue Work Together to Avoid FOMO

Group Performance and FOMO The hospitality industry is in an unprecedented period of growth. However, this growth has not been driven by group. In the past decade, transient growth has outpaced group... Read More

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Fuel Gaming Hotel Profits with Multiple Revenue Streams

Gone are the days when a casino is just a casino. Competition has increased as new markets and “new players” enter the gaming sector, all competing for a larger share of wallet from customers. And... Read More

Topics: Technology, Trends, Casino

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5 Ways Casino Hotels Transform Big Data into Big Revenues

Two decades ago, only two states had legal gambling in the United States. Today, those statistics have flipped. Now, it’s only Hawaii and Utah that have bans on all forms of gambling. As a result,... Read More

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7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting the Most Out of Your Hotel Technology Systems

The hotel industry is and always will be about providing good old-fashioned hospitality. With an ever-increasing volume of analytics to contend with, however, the need for shiny, new technology... Read More

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