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Are You Forecasting Transient Business Without Forecasting Group?

Forecasting plays a key role in any hotel revenue management (RM) strategy, helping hoteliers make important pricing decisions that significantly impact profitability. It’s a sophisticated process... Read More

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Three Thoughts on the Emergence of Airbnb as an OTA

As new lodging options emerge, specifically alternative accommodations such as Airbnb, the hospitality industry must evolve to the changing landscape. We’ve kept track of what consumers and industry... Read More

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Using the Psychology of Pricing: Do "Experts" Fall for the Same Tricks?

Human beings are hard-wired to interpret and react to the world around them in certain ways, even if those reactions are often irrational and unpredictable. Read More

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Predictive Analytics for Hotels: Look to the Future for Big Results

Until recently, hotel owners and managers have been limited to using historical data to predict future performance.  Hoteliers have depended on occupancy as the gold standard for revenue generation.... Read More
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Hospitality Revenue: 5 Things That Break a Demand Forecast

In a previous blog post (“Revenue Management Forecasting: Outrun Your Pace Group”), I talked about the differences between Business Forecasts and Revenue Management Forecasts. This blog post digs a... Read More

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Machine Learning Demystified: From Football to Forecasting

Read More

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Revenue Management Forecasting:  Outrun Your Pace Group

In the last mile of a recent distance race, I suddenly found myself running alongside a pace group leader. If you’re unfamiliar with pace groups, they’re an optional means to assure yourself of a... Read More

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