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The 3 Key Components of Your Dynamic Pricing Optimization Strategy

In the past decade, pricing in the hospitality industry has come a long way. Thanks to advances in technology and methodology, hotel pricing has never been more efficient or profitable. With the rise... Read More

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3 Easy Steps to Hotel Segmentation Strategy

Your Hotel Segmentation Strategy: 3 Easy Steps Read More

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The New Era of Data-Driven Guest Experiences

Since data is transforming the hospitality sector, forward-thinking hoteliers are making the most of historic guest interactions along with real-time and future data sets. Using data to present... Read More

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What to Look for in Service and Support from Your RMS Provider

In the always-on hospitality industry, there is no time for disruptions in your technology services. And there is definitely no one-sized-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution when it comes to an... Read More

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Understanding Total Guest Value

Guests can generate revenue for a hotel in many different ways. Revenue management powered by guest valuation algorithms enable hotels to increase guest wallet share, keeping guest spending... Read More

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Thinking In Terms of "Total Revenue Management": The 2018 Smart Decision Guide

Over the last 10 years, revenue management has gone from being an undertaking with uncertain financial upside potential to a strategic imperative with highly predictable revenue outcomes. At the same... Read More

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The Triangle Effect: Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Revenue Management to Identify Total Guest Value

As customer acquisition costs rise and competition continues to grow, it’s harder than ever for hotels to attract and retain their most valuable guests. With such incredible levels of effort and... Read More

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